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The Lifetime special "Surviving R. Kelly" documented the singer's long history of alleged abuse.
“We just are refusing to give him a platform,” said the hosts of Detroit’s “The Bounce.”
The new show is Williams' first steady employment since 1993.
Please excuse me while I step into my bedroom closet and express my exasperation with a primal scream, where my audience will be about the same as your podcast, that is unless my two dogs follow me into the closet.
The humble sergeant thought nobody would know about the kind act.
This act of pure love, pure kindness... Is what we as not just a city, not just as a state, but as a country need to be doing more of to make everyone feel equally loved.
But earlier this month, the hosts of the "Kyle and Jackie O Show" radio show surprised her on-air, announcing that with the
We all love to peruse the Usher discography on Spotify, but sometimes you just can't beat a hand-curated playlist and some accompanying student voice. College radio stations provide just that, so go get your daily weird music fill.
I had always said that the person who figured out how to make radio static free would be a billionaire. I was wrong about
The sky's weeping like a new widow, and the up-and-coming rapper Waterflow is listening to the soft, steady heartbeat of the whispering rain.
Referring to Oregon as a largely white but affluent state is about as incorrect as you could possibly get. And the subtext to this in my mind is, frankly, racist. They're back to using the old pejorative definition of the term "liberal."