For a lot of Americans, life simply sucks and isn’t getting better. The Democratic nominee needs to channel their rage about that.
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Even by boxing standards, this was bonkers.
Care more, even when it’s overwhelming.
Galvanizing voters by appealing to their rage rather than logic has granted Trump unprecedented leeway.
As our political discourse continues to devolve, civility and clarity are needed more than ever.
As a result, people's responses range from fear of bullying, to a dread of a Nazi Germany-style dictatorship, to concerns
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Just try and watch this without yelling at the screen.
Sigh. I'm that mom tonight. I actually couldn't put my oldest to bed. The thought of him starting school tomorrow; all day
During her tenure as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to use our most potent weapon - the ideology of freedom - against the greatest enemy our nation has faced. The poverty of intellect, lack of imagination and "extreme carelessness" have brought us to where we are.
Followers of Jesus have every reason to be afraid but no reason to stay fearful. We have every reason to feel concerned but no justification for being violent. For in Jesus' own words as He was murdered by the state we have a practical response. "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
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When dealing with the unknown of the future and harsh realities of the past, how are we able to obtain true happiness today
While I am not an advocate for violence, I am an advocate for embracing emotions and feelings as a part of healing by acknowledging that it exists. Suppressing negative feelings sometimes brings more harm than help to the situation.
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Fourth, show a little gratitude for what you have. The very fact that you are reading this on a computer, tablet or phone
From the damaging psychological and physical effects of solitary confinement to the ethical and legal ramifications of social deprivation, HuffPost Live takes a look at our prison system through the peephole of the solitary prison cell.
The recent spotlight on systematic racial profiling and police brutality against Black boys and men has exposed a painful truth long known in the Black community: just about every Black youth and man seems to have a story about being stopped by the police.
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The recent riots only addressed police brutality but gone from the discussion that should be taking place are the continued economic class warfare that has plagued many of these inner city communities.