rage against the machine

It's not the first time the prodigy has caught the attention of social media.
In 2015, Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro consciously took a step back from the spotlight they had been in for years. While
Despite resistance from within the Democratic party, President Obama has made passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) a top priority before leaving office. The TPP is a trade agreement between the United States and 11 other countries which would cover 40 percent of the world's trade.
Election-year politics getting you down? Fear not, music fans of America: a new supergroup featuring members of Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill is set to tour the country just as the 2016 presidential race gets into full swing.
"Into Dust" is a wicked track - and I mean that very nicely. Talk to me about the evolution of the single and how it fits
"I feel really bad that we inspired such bulls**t."
Go on, young star. We're all just cogs in the machine. Might as well rage against it. The clip, which was uploaded last week
When Rage played there twice, there was no boycott in existence. I will cross that bridge when I come to it. Let me put it