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Hillary, Rahm, Snyder, Walker -- the list goes on.
Despite the power of incumbency and the backing of the President, Rahm Emanuel nevertheless became the first mayor in Chicago history to be forced into a runoff. Emanuel's struggle to retain his office is a warning for politicians everywhere: Corporate Democrats are likely to find themselves on the defensive in 2016 and beyond.
These small, invitation-only congresses bring together Wealth, Politics, Business, and Government as well as Education and Disruptive Innovation and are a winning formula for stimulating growth, forging new partnerships, and in this case, the reinvention of industrial power.
When the people we entrust with our health and wellbeing use the term "retarded," they grant legitimacy to a word that has been deemed offensive by the culture at large. They cause harm to the very people they have pledged to heal.
Though the return of this money will provide at least some relief for Chicago Public School students suffering from the school closures, teacher layoffs and budget cuts imposed by the administration earlier this year, the relief may be only temporary.
Forcing the powers-that-be to tell is the truth is an effective way to further blot the stain of the Burge era. That won't happen if Daley continues to play dodgeball. But, from what it appears at this point, that game is nearly over.
Neal Sales-Griffin talks about partnering with Rahm Emmanuel and the city of Chicago to help teach computer coding in schools.
2012-09-06-stateofCPSlogo.jpg We parents who want an educational system that can rescue those most at risk realize that no contractual agreement will solve those glaring inequalities.
Sometimes classroom educators must use their "Teacher Voice" to restore sanity. That's what is happening in Chicago, where striking public school teachers are shouting "enough is enough" to test-driven school reform schemes.
"We've got to help people get the skills they need for the jobs today. We've got to make sure our schools are competitive
The word "Food Desert" was coined to describe Chicago. Can the Emanuel administration truly make Chicago the city in a garden? Can they make the city that works, work for everyone?
• Public financing of campaigns. • Free media time for campaigns. • Universal/automatic voter registration. • Direct election
President Obama has just imposed martial law in Chicago, Illinois. He will consider signing an Executive Order directing that the western border of the District of Columbia shall extend to Iowa.
Any Congress, particularly a hostile Congress, has the power to give any sitting president a major national security migraine -- and the incoming House GOP leadership has proven their determination to do just that.
The least Californians can do is commit ourselves to fix a broken system through open primaries, redistricting reform and term limits modification.
Rahm Emanuel's decision to return to Chicago reflects the most troubling aspect of Chicago politics: the notion that the city needs a dictator and the only important challenge is finding a new one.
Emanuel can leave the White House, then, with considerable pride in his accomplishments.
The angry left is angry with Barack Obama. It's lying on the floor kicking and screaming and holding its breath. Goodness is not being accomplished. Injustice continues sort of unabated.
Something about Fred Thompson's life mirrors the greatness of America -- how ordinary men and women answer the call to service. He was willing to serve, of course, but not obsessed by the need for power.
Sarah Palin's Twitter account has been rich fodder this week for those of us who enjoy that lazy summer pastime of rolling our eyes at ex-half-governors who believe they have something to add to the national discourse via social media.