“That tells you a lot here," the attorney said of the legal hurdles federal investigators had to surmount before raiding the former Trump lawyer's home and offices.
The FBI raided Rudy Giuliani’s apartment and seized computers and cellphones of ex-President Donald Trump’s personal attorney.
The two spoke by phone and then Trump announced the delay.
The FBI has raided and seized documents from Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen’s office, home and hotel, including records of the $130,000 he paid adult film star Stormy Daniels.
The chief executive of SC Johnson says his company wants to fight the virus at its source.
Making sure only persons with the highest security clearances could gain access to this server or the data contained on the server is critical to the security of this nation.
With the latest news about controversies of Navy SEAL Mark Owen writing a book about killing Osama bin Laden, and the naming of former SEALs involved in the mission, SEALs are on everyone's mind.
TRIPOLI, Oct 6 (Reuters) - Libya's Prime Minister Ali Zeidan on Sunday asked U.S. authorities to explain a military raid
There are no easy answers, and there may in fact be no good answers either. There may in fact be only bad options, struggling to define which is the worst outcome.