rain forests

Despite all the negative media and attitudes, Rio's Olympic Opening Ceremony provided a peek into one of the many reasons the Cidade Maravilhosa gets its name and an impressive environmental trait that not many other cities can claim.
Younger forests can take in carbon from the atmosphere more rapidly than older forests, study shows.
While we know how much insurers and oil and gas companies dole out to political campaigns and lobbyists, we don't have a clue how much of their cash is used to establish front groups or how much of it winds up in the pockets of either pundits for hire or tax-exempt organizations that do their bidding.
I find it awesome that despite the distinct possibility that it won't work and the near certainty of disastrous side effects and suffering for billions of people if it does, scientists are still pursuing geo-engineering
Farmers and developers are cutting and burning the rainforests at an alarming rate in order to make a living. We must provide them with sufficient financial incentive so they choose to preserve their forests.
Have you ever visited Kaua'i? Chances are, if you did you saw terrific beaches, not to mention great hotels, world-class golfing and sweet local restaurants. Of course, if you go to Kaua'i for spiritual travel, there's a lot more to see and do than have a Mai Tai and take a Jeep tour.
Compassion alone will not do the trick. Economic incentives for conservation, superb science, and improved governance for everything from a climate change treaty to enforcement of anti-poaching laws are critical parts of the solution.
Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia, yet it has some of the most varied landscapes and wildlife on earth.
St. Lucia is an earthly, verdant, mountainous paradise perfect for exploration and vacations.
We have learned that we need to do more than mobilize ecological warriors to identify and protect species. We know next to nothing about the estimated 10-30 million more that are yet to be discovered.