Raj Shah

The former Republican National Committee staffer joins Hope Hicks at the Trump-friendly media conglomerate.
He joins the growing list of Trump administration officials to exit in recent months.
“I don’t speak to Raj," the president told Bob Woodward.
Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinian protesters on Monday, killing more than 50 and injuring thousands more.
President Donald Trump spoke with reporters for the first time about the $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels.
"You had a two-time accused domestic abuser there at a very sensitive position where perhaps he shouldn’t have been had that been fully exposed. So what changes now?”
The news outlet confused the photos of Trump's principal deputy press secretary and a former Obama official.
The Ben Rhodes I know is a thoughtful and an experienced leader who spends more time figuring out how to elevate the people around him than himself. He is among a small handful of individuals who were hand-selected by President Obama to serve in his White House.
In October 2009, Raj Shah walked across the reception area into my office and closed the door. He told me that President Obama and Secretary Clinton wanted to nominate him to lead the US Agency for International Development (USAID). The decision wasn't so easy.
"USAID is one of the premiere data collectors in the international development space," wrote Van Dyck. "We want to start
"They are in a desperate state," Schuler said. "I was there there a bit more than a year ago in the same refugee camp, and
At Davos last week, I left discussions feeling inspiring by aid again. While our problems are huge, and I honestly think the world is in the most precarious position of my lifetime, I felt that at least this area was in good hands.
Yet nutrition is more than a health issue and must be linked to programs in education and agriculture for maximum impact
The struggles over who is in charge of what and the resulting delay of the release of the White House's first ever Presidential
The administration should continue to make it clear that Dr. Shah is the designated disaster coordinator. Getting this right can help Haiti put its country back together, and put our development policy back together too.
The Obama administration made a terrific choice yesterday by deciding to appoint Raj Shah as the head of USAID, the government’s