From superspreader crowds to supporters stranded in the cold, rally quantity doesn't mean quality, the former Democratic presidential candidate pointed out.
The host riffed on a TV mixup that gave a Trump campaign rally a far more sinister title.
Meanwhile, some of the president's fans have rewritten the Village People's disco classic as "M.A.G.A."
For months, President Donald Trump questioned the efficacy of masks and continued to hold crowded rallies. Now, he has tested positive for COVID-19.
During a campaign rally in Henderson, Nevada, President Donald Trump led the crowd to chant “lock him up” against former President Barack Obama.
Steve Sisolak blasted President Donald Trump for flouting coronavirus restrictions and holding an indoor rally.
The president egged on supporters and repeated his baseless claim that the former president "spied" on his campaign.
Get out your thermometers. The president's coming to town with his "viral campaign."
Speaking to young supporters in Arizona, President Donald Trump continued to brush aside coronavirus concerns and instead made racist jokes about COVID-19.
Late night hosts had a field day after President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally fell short of expectations.