Members of the media and law enforcement outnumbered the far-right Trump supporters who showed up in Washington on Saturday.
Republicans, on the other hand, seem uninterested in discussing Saturday's "Justice for J6" rally.
Activists will stage voting rights rallies in major cities across the country on Saturday, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington.
Some of the ex-president's supporters turned on him over one statement.
Fox News made it seem like a President’s Day roadside rally for ex-President Donald Trump was spontaneous, but that was a lie.
Fox News' Pete Hegseth echoed the false claims of Sean Hannity and Donald Trump Jr. about turnout for the ex-president's President's Day motorcade.
From superspreader crowds to supporters stranded in the cold, rally quantity doesn't mean quality, the former Democratic presidential candidate pointed out.
The host riffed on a TV mixup that gave a Trump campaign rally a far more sinister title.
Meanwhile, some of the president's fans have rewritten the Village People's disco classic as "M.A.G.A."
For months, President Donald Trump questioned the efficacy of masks and continued to hold crowded rallies. Now, he has tested positive for COVID-19.