ralph peters

The network is "fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers," said retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters.
He was later suspended from the cable network for two weeks.
An interview on "Fox & Friends" went off course early Friday morning when guest Lt. Col. Ralph Peters made some light-hearted
Peters also noted some differences between Putin -- who has served as president of Russia on and off for over a decade -- and
Fox News analyst Ralph Peters said Monday that Edward Snowden's leaks constituted "treason" punishable by execution. Snowden
Of witnesses who provided testimony at the February congressional hearing on Balochistan, Ralph Peters was the most controversial -- condemned by those who favor America's partnership with Pakistan but applauded by those who support Balochistan's independence.
Freedom for the Baloch people is not the primary concern for the US, but countering China is.
Obama's no Haman. He's made it clear from the outset that he'd like to be a force in bringing about the two-state solution for Israel to remain a Jewish democracy for longer than a few years.
However bizarre, however stupefyingly premature the Fox pundit's words are, they are something other than what they have become in the re-telling.