Ralph Waldo Emerson

So ... he's "admitting that he's running on a platform of unrestrained narcissism," tweeted George Conway.
Reciting these gratitude prayers and mealtime blessings (ideally around a table while surrounded by your nearest and dearest) can help you recognize the beauty in your life.
No one can deny the power of a good quote. They motivate and inspire us to be our best. Here are 38 of my absolute favorites
Words of wisdom to keep you pushing forward.
10. Four Columns Inn, Newfane VT. The Four Columns Inn, an iconic, whitewashed 16-room luxe "Country Inn" a dozen miles from
I have a flashbulb memory of being an 8-year-old girl in Grade 3. The teacher gave us an assignment and immediately everyone's
Above the grey, chimney-strewn rooftops, the sky is dusky indigo. Of the little darkened storefronts along the rue du Bac, only one remains lit. Monsieur Deyrolle's old taxidermy, the front door is ajar.