Rescue teams are currently responding to the scene, the military said in a statement.
Seattle ― Each night, when the guns fell silent in Iraq, Btoo Allami would invite his friend Nayyef Hrebid over for dinner
As ISIS loses territory, experts say it is looking to carry out more global attacks.
So long as murder, torture and other human rights violations recur with impunity among Shiite forces operating in Sunni Iraqi provinces, there will be little reason to remain optimistic for the stability of Iraq.
Since ISIS took over Fallujah in 2014, the vast majority of the population has fled. Hundreds of thousands of civilians managed to find ways out despite ISIS restrictions on movement, and they have revealed to the world the horrors they left behind.
As the war's epicenter moves to Mosul, Congress has already allocated $1.6 billion to the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF
The Iraqi army retook the city from the self-described Islamic State in December following a six-month siege.
Recapturing the city from ISIS was a major victory for Iraqi forces, but one that relied heavily on American support.
When the Iraq city of Ramadi fell to ISIS last May, Senator John McCain described it as "terribly significant." Strangely, neither he nor any other critic of the President's Middle East policy has spoken of its recapture in such dramatic terms.
Retaking provincial capital of Ramadi is a significant victory for Iraqi forces against ISIS.