Ramin Bahrani

Following is a list of upcoming projects I've picked out from their database of finished films, or those in post-production
A beautiful moment presents itself when I ask Lieberher how he prepared for such an extraordinary role, which he admits he
Billed as "Back to Where it All Began," David Amram's program for last week's engagement at The Theater for the New City, was a continuation of his 85th birthday celebration.
It's painful to watch. Dennis Nash (Andrew Garfield) is evicted from his home in the opening scenes of "99 Homes." The sheriffs knock so loudly at the front door that it is clear that it is no longer his house.
If you want to see what may be the best American movie of the year, and what may be the most important American feature film of the past five years, then see Ramin Bahrani's 99 Homes.
The actor's new movie, "99 Homes," opens this weekend.
Depending on which source you believe, there are between one and two dozen -- yes, you read that right, dozen -- films opening this Friday in New York. Here is a brief look at a half-dozen of them.
What Goodfellas did for the mob 99 Homes will do for foreclosure (although some may find little difference between the two).
On Tuesday, a special chess tournament, the first in the Hamptons, at Jack Lenor Larson's LongHouse Reserve, gave an opportunity