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"And here the commander-in-chief is essentially saying it’s okay to discriminate against this group of people."
Sen. Tammy Duckworth didn't care about the gender identity of the troops who risked their lives to save hers.
This rhetoric is highly dangerous in the context of what we know about stigma and covert and overt aggression against minority groups.
But in a twist, the House defeated a proposal to deny hormone therapy and gender transition-related surgery to transgender military personnel.
Hotter-than-normal nights already disrupt sleep, and that's bad news for our health and the economy.
This commentary originally appeared in The Rand Blog. by Gulrez Shah Azhar and Jaime Madrigano Heat waves across the world
Without these opportunities, the rate of recidivism is significantly higher.
NATO expansion was considered a great success. But now the alliance realizes that it is obligated to war against nuclear-armed Russia on behalf of three essentially indefensible countries.
What would Russia gain from attacking the Baltics? A recalcitrant, majority non-ethnic Russian population. A possible temporary nationalist surge at home. A likely short-lived victory over the West. The costs would be far greater.
Much is said these days about the mismatch of missions and resources for the military. Indeed, the chants of neoconservatives on Capitol Hill have gotten quite loud: more military spending, more personnel, more weapons.