rand paul filibuster

Rand Paul was always an unlikely contender for the GOP presidential nomination. But the decline of his campaign has been astonishing. As Politico recently chronicled, it's close to ending practically before it started. Recall that before Trump, it was Paul who was briefly a media darling.
A review of documents revealed by NSA leaker Edward Snowden in 2013 has shown the agency has "broken privacy rules or overstepped
Paul, who has made NSA spying a theme in his 2016 campaign for president, delayed a vote on an unrelated trade bill with
Specifically, critics of the current bill note that it does not prohibit the NSA from conducting “backdoor searches,” warrantless
If Paul puts a "hold" on the nominees, it would require the Senate to first vote to limit debate and then to vote on final
"The possibility for abuse in this is incredible," the senator added. "So I don’t care if there’s never been any evidence
"I think we should stop being apologetic about drones, tell Rand Paul to stop doing overnight filibusters on people being
"There's no time to waste. Right now, the U.S. Senate is preparing to debate and confirm the new Obama nominee to chair the
Sabrina Siddiqui contributed reporting. Paul had left the door open to a filibuster on an earlier conference call with reporters
"The prohibition ... shall not apply to an individual who is actively engaged in combat against the United States." WASHINGTON