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WASHINGTON -- Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) does not support arming and training Syrian opposition forces, a key element of President
Paul, who has eyes toward a potential 2016 presidential run, has long been skeptical of entangling the U.S. in foreign affairs
President Barack Obama is sending 300 troops into Iraq as advisers, but he is holding back more substantial military support
Stephen Colbert hates Obama. Rand Paul hates Obama. So why is it so hard for Stephen Colbert to agree with Rand Paul? Oh
The Reason-Rupe poll shows nearly two-thirds of Americans also doubt it is necessary for the US to intervene in Syria to
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) gave a rebuttal to President Barack Obama's address on Syria Tuesday. "Would a U.S. bombing campaign
Paul said last week that he would not filibuster a Syria vote, and made the same point on Sunday. It remains unclear whether
America should only go to war to win. Read more on time.com
Sabrina Siddiqui contributed reporting. Paul had left the door open to a filibuster on an earlier conference call with reporters
The Senate resolution crafted by Menendez and Corker specifies that it is directed at weapons of mass destruction, seeking