Randall Park

A Marvel card trick might be tipping its hand about something else.
When it premiered on ABC in 2015, it became the first broadcast sitcom about Asian Americans since Margaret Cho’s short-lived “All-American Girl” in 1994.
The "Always Be My Maybe" star said the K-pop group made him “proud to be Korean.”
Some big names gathered at actor Rafael Casal's pad for a cypher that deserves a Grammy.
The rom-com gag reel might be as funny as the movie itself.
"Always Be My Maybe" co-stars Park and Ali Wong sat down for a game of Vicebreaker.
Ali Wong and Randall Park's rom-com lovingly portrays a range of characters who subvert stereotypes, while not making Asian identity a central plot point.
The much-anticipated new Randall Park-Ali Wong film transports us to the heyday of the American rom-com — with a few refreshing changes.
Park, who stars in the movie with Ali Wong, revealed that art was imitating his real life.
“I think it's a really great time in our culture, our society to be more inclusive and to be telling all of these stories.” The stars of the new Netflix rom-com “Always Be My Maybe” spoke about how diverse storytelling has changed in Hollywood.
The Netflix movie, "Always Be My Maybe," boasts a stacked cast including Daniel Dae Kim and Keanu Reeves.
The "Fresh Off The Boat" star said the stories of most Asian-American and Pacific Islanders have not been told.
Frank Emi led a resistance movement at Heart Mountain, a camp where Japanese-Americans were incarcerated during World War II.
"Always Be My Maybe" is winning praise for its diverse cast.
"If you’re not represented in the media, for a lot of people and definitely for people in certain parts of the country, you’re invisible."