randi weingarten

Education and children's welfare groups are calling on presidential candidates to form more comprehensive platforms.
A “silent majority” is taking back education policy, according to the union chief.
But Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers said she understands the DCCC’s concerns.
“We believe in helping children thrive, not in confining them to heinous, abusive situations," said the president of the American Federation of Teachers.
The American Federation of Teachers is raising money to deliver 100,000 water filtration systems to hurricane victims.
Randi Weingarten must be out of her damn mind! The president of the second largest teachers union in the country, The American
DeVos visited the school with one of her high-profile critics, Randi Weingarten.
She and Randi Weingarten will be setting aside their differences on a trip to Ohio.
Randi Weingarten is a major critic of Donald Trump's pick for secretary of education.
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