Randi Zuckerberg

"They have had to talk to him about his behavior in the past, but oh well don’t take it personally, this guy just doesn’t have a filter," the media entrepreneur said.
A good friend and neighbor, David Kranich, noticed one way we lose ourselves in our phones and resolved to fix it. You know
Businesswoman, author and star of Oxygen’s “Quit Your Day Job,” Randi Zuckerberg sheds light on how we can maintain a healthy relationship with digital media.
"Most entrepreneurs don't know that the entrepreneur themselves is just as important as the product they're pitching," she says.
Businesswoman, author and star of Oxygen's "Quit Your Day Job," Randi Zuckerberg serves up some tips and advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur.
This interview has been edited for clarity and length. In recognition of National Amazing Month, The Huffington Post spoke
Work The next step is to create and build your company. The timeline varies for this step--between 2 and 40 years--and although
Most people would at this point have forgotten about their Broadway ambitions; satisfied with their success in this new arena
If there was one overarching message to come out of last week's Thrive conference, it's that the traditional vision of success -- one that values money and power above all else -- is seriously wanting. And it's time for a change.