random access memories

Daft Punk released the music video for their new single, "Instant Crush," off their latest album, "Random Access Memories
Spinning a street sign on the side of a highway has long been a right of passage for entrepreneurial high-schoolers across
Check out Diplo's photo of his opened Daft Punk condom package: The band has partnered with Durex to produce prophylactics
You'd think the public would get sick of so many "Get Lucky" covers, but then another one hits the internet and it is just
The French robots decided to retouch Pharrell Williams' vocals along the way, with the singer's portions mostly synthesized
Daft Punk's big return, "Random Access Memories," may soon become just a memory. After weeks of hype, the electronic duo's
It's good to be No. 1. Led by the release of the single "Get Lucky," featuring Pharrell Williams, "Random" sold 339,000 copies
"Chicken Tonight" - a cover of "Doin' It Right" H/T CollegeHumor And if chickens singing is totally your thing, check out
What they're "called" are No. 1 recording artists. The synth-pop duo latest album, "Random Access Memories," was released
Ironically, it took a couple of androids to create something organic and bring some soul back to music... and people are feeling it. So, even if you're like Daft who? Punk what?, this is as good a time as any to get on board and into the groove.
But just like Daft Punk hoped to bring back a touch of the past with their new record (which was almost completely analog
Waves of nostalgia are sure to hit listeners when they first hear that familiar, practically watermarked Daft Punk vocoder in Get Lucky.
Just how long has it been since they last allowed their faces to be photographed? Their no-unmasked photo policy goes back
They're also on the cover of the upcoming issue of Dazed and Confused. The magazine is hosting a "Daft Punk Day" on its website
Pharrell Williams allegedly told the New York Post that a Daft Punk tour was coming, but a representative for the French producers' tells the Huffington Post that "no tour is planned."
UPDATE: Williams' representatives have told The Huffington Post that the singer neither said he would tour with Daft Punk
It appears as though the critical reception is positive with a dose of disorientation. In other words, just the way the robots
The song, which features Pharrell Williams on vocals and Nile Rodgers on guitar, clocks in at just over four minutes and
How daft of them! ICYMI: Here's the SNL teaser for "Get Lucky," featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers: Understandably