Randy Credico

Former Trump campaign CEO Steve Bannon testified that Roger Stone was the "access point" to WikiLeaks and information about Democrats' hacked emails.
"It really doesn't help your case when you make the same threats as the Wicked Witch of the West," the "Late Night" host says.
Republicans have an annoying habit of referring to the "Democrat" party, because they hate to associate it with being "democratic." Unfortunately today's Democratic primary for Governor in New York isn't particularly democratic at all.
New York has a growing tourism industry based on scenic beauty, clean water, and unspoiled nature. Small family farms and ranches are making a comeback. Our new breweries and wineries are gaining worldwide recognition. They all depend on our clean pure water. Fracking would destroy all that.
Randy Credico, Governor Andrew Cuomo's opponent in the upcoming September 9 Democratic Primary was arrested and handcuffed yesterday for making a video of two white police officers arresting a Black man in the subway.
I am not only challenging New York's powerful sitting Governor, Andrew Cuomo, for the Democratic nomination in the upcoming September 9 primary. I am also betting that my major campaign promise -- to legalize marijuana in New York State is the wedge issue that will sweep me to victory.
This Sept. 10, voters in the New York Democratic Party primary will get a chance to nominate the most radical mayoral candidate since Fiorello La Guardia.
Randy Credico, a celebrated political satirist and activist, who made a run for Senator Chuck Schumer's seat in 2009 but failed to get enough valid signatures on the ballot because his campaign had been infiltrated, has succeeded this time and has made the ballot for NYC Mayor.
The ball is now in Chuck Schumer's court. Will he welcome Randy Credico to the primary and take the opportunity to engage in a healthy debate on the direction of the Democratic Party?
Randy Credico is a former comedian turned political activist/drug law reformer. Now, he'd like to take on and challenge Senator Chuck Schumer for his seat in the Senate.