Randy Jackson

"I love your voice so much,” then-judge Steven Tyler told the singer at her audition.
Do you think it's more difficult for artists of the East to come here and be very successful? You know, being born in Singapore
This past Sunday my husband and I ventured to the Honda Center in Anaheim, California for the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday celebration. The Dalai Lama holds a special place in my heart because it was just a few years ago that my father and I were visiting San Diego.
Randy Jackson: What I look for in artists is instinct. Artists have great instincts, they don't know everything to do right, but most decisions they make are really good musical decisions with arrangements and everything.
Since the first season of "American Idol" debuted in 2002, judge Randy Jackson became known for his "dawg" talk during his
"It was definitely difficult," Jackson tells Oprah. "It wasn't quite the panel we thought it was going to be." Further complicating
hese men got the whole world dancing, swaying, singing along (and they still do). Mr. Robinson's angelic vibrato may sing words, but in attempts to define it, it defies them! And words cannot convey the beauty and import of this event. But for you, I'll give it a go.
Lopez previously judged "American Idol" Seasons 10 and 11 before leaving the series. Her involvement was widely speculated
Randy Jackson is likely to be the new mentor on "American Idol," according to a Deadline report. Jackson announced "American
President Obama, are you listening? Actions speak louder than words, and in these celebrities' cases, they're letting their
As for his own reality guilty pleasure, Jackson said, "I'd be the last guy to watch a singing show," but admitted that he
With all of that hoopla that surrounded the American Idol franchise, the effect that it's had world-wide on the music industry, and the legions of fans that it produced, how did something that seemed so impervious to self destruction lose its glorious stature?
Many contend that Carey's highly publicized, season-long feud with Minaj soured viewers to the new panel and contributed
Now that Season 12 is over, let's judge Idol's judges, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey, for all they're worth -- and, hell, Seacrest too. Frankly, they all deserve it.
Kree started off the night with an elegant performance of "Angel," selected by Simon Fuller. Kree kept her rendition simple
Okay, I, admittedly, haven't been a (loyal) American Idol viewer since the adroit Carrie Underwood went all the way during season four.
After 12 years, Randy Jackson is leaving "American Idol," the longtime judge told E! News. "Yo! Yo! Yo! To put all of the
Candice ended the night belting out "Somewhere" from West Side Story, and her powerful vocals had Keith asking, "How do you that?" and Randy declaring it to be one of the best vocals in "Idol" history.