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Entrepreneurs and innovators give a lot of talks. Some are great. Others are really quite grim. How do we make sure we give
Climate change deniers spin a related yarn. Climate scientists, this story goes, know that there are problems with the standard thinking about global warming, but they are too afraid of the reaction of their peers and the loss of grant funding to speak out.
Sure, the science in posters and presentations might be amazing and groundbreaking. But many scientists communicate their findings so poorly there is simply no way to know.
While our leaders debate the causes of climate change and further fiddle, film makers can convey stories with urgency about the very real threats we all face from rising sea levels and increasing catastrophic weather events.
The field of climate change is a particularly difficult one in which to communicate with the public because of the associated
You'll find huge budgeted projects examining public attitudes toward climate, doing focus groups, studying "framing," the
"Sizzle" takes an often somber and solemn subject, climate change, and approaches it with lighthearted comedy in the hopes