ranked choice voting

“There’s a fundamental problem having partisan boards of elections,” said a New York elections attorney.
Thanks to New York City’s new ranked-choice voting system, votes are still being counted.
As the first NYC-wide election to use ranked choice voting, results may not be fully counted until July.
New York Democrats are putting ranked-choice in the spotlight, using what proponents say is a fairer system of voting to select a mayoral candidate.
Some election experts say the state's unconventional voting system could spell trouble for the embattled Republican.
Experts say Maine's ranked-choice voting system could hurt the Republican senator's reelection chances.
Chesa Boudin, whose parents spent decades in prison, won despite his opponent Suzy Loftus being appointed interim DA weeks before the election.
The new system, which will be used in some electoral races, will let voters rank up to five candidates in order of preference.
The process, which allows voters to rank multiple candidates, will be in effect for the 2020 general election, but not the primary.
For the first time, people across the state can rank the candidates they want to represent them in the general election.
An increasing number of Americans are calling out for more choice and a stronger voice in our elections.
For the numerically inclined, here are the details. For each ballot, each candidate is given a score equal to the number
Whether this fantasy will ever be realized remains to be seen. I admit it seems far-fetched in a country where about 40 percent
Sam Husseini: Both attempt to solve the same problem. Take this election. There are lots of people who would want to vote
Perhaps the time has come to launch a modern 21st century conversation, ten years long, about our election procedures, our governing mechanisms, and the 18th century constitutional structures bequeathed to us by our founders.
Electing a woman president is truly a game-changer. As I have written elsewhere, one of the most powerful effects of a visible
The presidential primary season presents a lot of important angles for understanding electoral rules, particularly involving the impact of using a plurality voting system instead of ranked choice voting and using winner-take-all delegate rules instead of proportional representation ones.
Michigan Poll from Monmouth University: Michigan holds its primary today, using proportional allocation of delegates. Released
Looking forward to winner-take-all states like the primaries in Ohio and Florida on March 15th, RCV would be fundamental