On January 17, 2016 the United States government agreed to pay the Iranian government $400 million plus approximately $1.3
If you're flying, the indignities of modern-day air travel, with its hub travel insanity, long lines, crowds and delays are all numbing. If you think your turkey-day air travel experience is unpleasant, let's pause to recall the most famous Thanksgiving air travel crime of all time.
Anneli-Marie's parents had promised to pay the ransom, but police found her body on Monday.
Authorities still have not confirmed that Salopek was killed and are continuing the search for him and his captors.
For Al-Qaeda affiliates around the world, holding westerners hostage and threatening to kill them if their governments don't pay for their release is big business. In fact, kidnapping is a massive windfall for terrorist organizations in general.
Of course, these stories of Americans and other Westerners who go to the Mideast for humanitarian, journalistic and other reasons and then are kidnapped by the likes of IS are horrific. But for the U.S. to pay ransom to get them back will create many more such cases.
That second lightning strike was the disappearance of her second daughter, Victoria Lee Specials. According to Deborah's
As Americans queued in the early hours of November 28, 2008, in anticipation of Black Friday shopping, the chemical tanker MV Biscaglia was under attack in the Gulf of Aden -- with a security detail of just two unarmed men and a ship laden with tons of highly flammable palm oil.
But U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said at the Wall Street Journal CEO forum last month: It is not yet clear when precisely