Such attacks have become a growing threat to U.S. schools, with several high-profile incidents reported since last year.
Cyberattacks have interrupted schools, hospitals, government and an array of businesses across the country.
Members of the cybercriminal group REvil demanded $70 million to unlock computer systems belonging to Kaseya, a global software company.
In the past month, major companies have participated in multimillion-dollar transactions aimed at getting their systems back online.
The operation to recover the cryptocurrency from Russia-based hacker group Darkside reflects an increasingly aggressive approach to deal with such threats.
Here's why the United States, believed to have the world’s greatest cyber capabilities, has looked so powerless against cyberattacks.
JBS said the cyberattack affected servers supporting its operations in North America and Australia. Backup servers weren’t affected.
The temporary shutdown of the pipeline led to a hike in gas prices and prompted panicked consumers to buy fuel.
The biggest fuel pipeline in the U.S. had halted service after becoming the victim of a ransomware attack that cut off deliveries to the East Coast.
The worst cyberattack to date on critical U.S. infrastructure has shuttered 45% of the East Coast’s fuel supply.