City employees started to turn computers back on Tuesday.
The hackers are demanding money from the Pennsylvania lawmakers.
BYOD Brings New Era of Workplace Threats Think about your company - do you use your own mobile device or computer for work
Whilst financial crime threats are growing, companies are still lagging behind when it comes security.
Encryption can be a tool for good and evil. It's the safest way for an enterprise to keep information safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers, but unfortunately it's relatively easy for a hacker -- and not even a very clever one -- to use it to force an ugly situation.
The hackers have "a perfect business model."
Two factors are accelerating the problem: 1) Ransomware is now being written to execute Javascript instructions, which means
Ransomware encrypts data on infected machines, then typically asks users to pay ransoms to get an electronic key so they can retrieve their data.
Much has been said over the recent news that the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid a $17,000 ransom in bitcoin to
The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, but businesses aren't the only ones that will be profiting from the uptick in consumer spending - cybercriminals will be making plenty of money too.