Rape Culture

Help centers struggling to aid "high" numbers of victims who now face the prospect of being forced to have their rapists' babies under harsh Texas law.
The fundraising appeal for 17-year-old Pieper Lewis surpassed the $150,000 she was ordered to pay the family of her accused rapist.
The girl avoided prison time after pleading guilty to involuntary manslaughter and willful injury in the killing of her accused rapist.
The rapper is accused of holding a woman against her will at his home in July and raping her. He is being held without bail.
Araiza and two former San Diego State teammates were sued by a woman who claims they gang-raped her in 2021, when she was 17.
Lisa Smith recently contacted prosecutors to remind them of her 2017 police report in which she claimed Ratray drugged and raped her in his apartment.
Jacob Blair Scott tried to fool Mississippi authorities into believing he had died in the Gulf of Mexico in 2018 but was found two years later living in an RV park.
“I’m not the only provider who has taken care of young children needing abortion care," Dr. Caitlin Bernard said on "CBS Evening News."
Tudor Dixon, a leading Republican candidate for Michigan governor, said she supports a strict abortion ban.
Leaders of Indiana’s Republican-dominated Senate have proposed banning abortion with limited exceptions.