Rape Culture

The backup offensive lineman, Josh Sills, has been indicted on rape and kidnapping charges.
After claiming that a woman accusing him of rape was not his “type,” former President Donald Trump confused a photo of E. Jean Carroll for his former spouse.
The former adult film star could be declared fit for trial in the future if his condition improves, according to the LA County Deputy DA, but it's not expected.
A woman alleges that the incident occurred on a tour bus in 2001.
"On some deeper level, I always knew that what had happened was rape. Still, when I was finally able to confront my ex, I felt like an impostor."
The prosecution’s opening statement chronicled some of Masterson’s victims feeling woozy after a couple of drinks and then waking up while being assaulted.
"It has felt like a never ending nightmare," said survivor Sydney Stanford. "I have been in survival mode for 5 years. It is finally over ... justice IS possible."
The GOP candidate for a U.S. Senate seat in Georgia added to his waffling statements on abortion restrictions.
Help centers struggling to aid "high" numbers of victims who now face the prospect of being forced to have their rapists' babies under harsh Texas law.