Rape Culture

Legislation from Reps. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) would force state and local governments to identify untested kits or risk losing funds.
After four women accused the actor & comedian of various acts of sexual misconduct, vague past comments from Brand’s ex Katy Perry resurfaced.
The "That ‘70s Show" actor and prominent Scientologist was found guilty in May on two counts of forcible rape.
The far-right House Republican exposed herself to social media mockery in urging Fulton County DA Fani Willis to go after rapists.
Donald Trump accused Carroll of smearing his image on CNN, but a federal judge ruled that his case had no merit.
Victoria Valentino is suing the comedian under a new California law temporarily lifting the statute of limitations on such cases.
"I began to hate myself for not reacting accordingly ... I felt as if I had become a very bad person."
Trump refused to testify at the trial, then falsely claimed he was “not allowed to speak or defend” himself.
A jury found that Donald Trump sexually abused E. Jean Carroll & defamed her after he denied the allegations.
The former president will not take the stand for a case brought forth by the advice columnist, who said Trump raped her in the '90s.