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Wanting to spice up their fantasy football draft party, he told me, a friend of his had hired a stripper to join the fete
The domain of being offended was once dominated by religious puritans and overprotective parents imploring others to "think of the children." The idea that college students would be the vanguard of concern over offensive comedy was itself a laughable notion.
That's how Marine Corps veteran Brian Jones starts his Now This Rant about the serious implications of rape jokes in the
In a culture where women's bodies are constantly objectified, where men such as yourself seem to think that they have some kind of claim over them, a post such as this only serves to further the idea that consent is some silly slogan those "crazy feminists" throw around, rather than something that is essential for safe and healthy sexual encounters.
One thing social media has brought into bold relief lately is the large number of angry, young men who follow comedians like
The shock that materializes at the realization that someone close to you has been raped or sexually assaulted shatters reality and questions whether there is actually good in the world.
When I hear the word "rape," especially when it is used out of context, it makes me extremely uncomfortable. It can make me feel unsafe -- either physically or emotionally -- in the company of the people who've said it. It is painful; it makes me feel ashamed, used, and violated all over again.
How did the audience react? Warning: This article contains content some might find sensitive. I heard Rick Ross makes an
Full Segment: Many women love video games, but is male video game culture accepting of them? A rape-insinuating joke directed at a female gamer drew laughs at the recent E3 conference. It's time for gaming culture to lose its chauvinist edge.
There is a collective consciousness that can detect the presence (and approach) of something good or bad, in society or the world, before any hard "evidence" exists. It's happening now with the concept of "rape culture." Which, by the way, isn't a concept. It's a reality.
"The comments in question during the Killer Instinct demo were not scripted," a Microsoft spokesperson added to told Kotaku
Comics don't take well to being told they're misogynist and yet they love being told that they're offensive.
I, personally, will never tell another rape joke. I once was a negative force in rape culture. It's real and it's not okay and it's time that we start talking about it.
I am both a comedian and a feminist and I feel torn by this rape joke debate. I have a lot of dogs in this race.
Could it have been better? Sure? I certainly could have done a better job of playing traffic cop. But it was exactly what I wanted it to be: a well-mannered, intelligent, often funny, and always impassioned discussion about a sensitive and charged issue that you rarely see on TV.
On Thursday, "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell" took the conversation to the next level and held a debate between Jezebel
Even in a joke, why should women be assaulted because men made the laws? What's funny is always subjective but not incapable of alteration.
To believe that you can change the meaning of a word by turning it into a metaphor or a joke is the essence of male entitlement.
CK stopped by "The Daily Show" Monday night and took the first portion of his interview to set the record straight. He told