Raphael Warnock

President Donald Trump is headed to Georgia to campaign in two key runoff Senate races, but some Republicans fear his voter fraud conspiracies and attacks on state officials may have backfired on the upcoming elections.
All eyes are now on Georgia after no candidate secured the majority vote in two Senate races, prompting runoffs. Here's why these contests are so crucial.
Democrat Raphael Warnock preempted negative ads from GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler with an adorable spoof.
The Georgia Republican and Democrat Raphael Warnock are set to face off in a runoff in the state’s special Senate election after no candidate won the majority of votes.
Warnock, a Democrat, and Loeffler, the sitting senator, prepare to face each other in an election on Jan. 5.
Biden and Trump are currently neck-and-neck in the polls in Georgia, a state that hasn’t voted for a Democratic presidential candidate since 1992.
Loeffler likely sees Marjorie Taylor Greene's support as a way to lock up conservative votes in her race against Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) in the Georgia special election.
High-profile Democrat Stacey Abrams called on Lieberman to drop out and clear the field for Raphael Warnock.
The Georgia Republican apparently thinks it's a good idea to compare yourself to a conqueror known for brutality.