Human rights groups tallied more than 1,600 civilian deaths caused by U.S.-led forces in Raqqa, Syria.
The figure is hundreds more than the number the U.S.-led coalition claims over the entire four-year campaign against IS, the groups said.
U.S.-backed forces have finally retaken the Syrian city of Raqqa.
The poorly equipped and thinly staffed facility is inaccessible to most of the population.
The U.S. war against civilians in Syria
Iraq's abuse of civilians will make it easy for the next version of the extremist group to recruit.
The extremist group has tarnished the idea of a caliphate in such a way that it can never be established again.
For many children, the lack of water supply locally means they are forced to walk for hours in search of it, which puts them
Although the U.S. Treasury has done a terrific job interdicting terror financing, Arab Gulf states, notably Saudi Arabia
Rebels announced an major assault on the militant group's de facto capital.
Although a small village at the foot of a small hill on Syria's northern plains about 9 miles from the Turkish border, Dabiq
One day a surrogate force is on one side, the next day, on the other - depending on the highest bidder and the gravest threat to their proxy hosts.
Whether we like it or not, the Islamic State will continue to survive and international terrorism will continue to be utilized by fanatical, ideological, or extremist individuals who believe it is effective to get a political point across.
The new deployment increases U.S. forces in Syria six-fold to about 300.
The same thing had happened a week earlier when Iraqi troops fled their positions defending a newly established U.S. Marines