Rashad Robinson

The Duke of Sussex spoke with Rashad Robinson, activist and president of Color of Change, about the issue.
"When black people win, the history of this country has been that all of us win," the Color Of Change leader says.
NFL and players union are in discussions to resolve the anthem issue.
The company has created a new policy after months of complaints from its black users.
Life in the progressive movement can be arduous, which is why the Center for Community Change (CCC) takes one night of the year to lift up and celebrate some of the people and organizations that are leading the struggle toward justice in this country.
Color of Change was formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in an effort to get fast relief to hurricane survivors via
The Republican takeover of the Senate signals deep challenges that will gravely impact our families and communities. It’s
Some political leaders turn from talking about "me" and instead talk about "we." They believe in building a movement that will change things rather than just bragging about themselves and furthering their own careers, and because of that they do actually start changing things. That's what Elizabeth Warren does; that is who she is.