"This is a critical moment in our democracy, so of course our faithful journalists are focused on what really matters. And that’s ratings, baby!"
The cable network's ratings seem immune to turmoil.
Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration drew a television audience of 38 million.
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I want Trump biggest readership I can muster for Trump post I am writing. So ... I have replaced a common word (can you figure out what Trump word is?) throughout my writing with Trump name of Trump Republican candidate. It is somewhat difficult to read, is it not?
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This is a report on 230 domestic Chardonnays representative of what can be found on grocery store shelves in Northern California. Many of these Chardonnays can be found in grocery stores in the 35 states in the U.S. where wine sales at such stores are permitted. This is the first time such a comprehensive critical tasting and analysis has been done of widely distributed grocery store Chardonnays.
"In the end, we built it and they didn’t really come."
The debate also set a record online, where 1.4 million people tuned in.
The event nonetheless fell far short of the debate audiences Fox News or CNN pulled in.
Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC have held their longstanding positions.
But the rising tide of election season is lifting all boats.
Surge of viewers also comes amid pope's visit to the U.S.
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If your head starts spinning whenever tech-savvy people start riffing about things like SEO, SMM, SEM, CPC, CTR, and so on, you're probably not alone. To make heads or tails of social media, I recently caught up with Ross Taylor, owner of Alameda Internet Marketing, a Bay Area SEO company that specializes in helping small- and medium-sized businesses get found online.