Brock Turner was treated by the justice system like a child, while Cyntoia Brown, who literally was a child, was not.
Release the moments of pain in order to welcome moments of transformation.
Life is short. Youth is finite. You have every opportunity to make the most of the life you have right now. Your choices
How do we teach our kids to be empathetic but also to stand up to mean kids?
A smoker goes for a hike, decides that she's careful enough with her cigarettes to light up, and accidentally starts a forest
I had no idea that getting sober would allow me the opportunity to not be a bitch or a control freak, but it has. I came into the rooms of recovery to clean up. I had no idea of all the positive changes that seem to be common side effects of recovery.
Intriguingly, people don't lie and cheat indiscriminately -- simply because they can get away with it. Even when there is no chance of being found out, people show some level of aversion to acting unethically. They want it both ways: to profit by dishonesty, but also to preserve some sense of themselves as moral beings.
I call this 2 + 2 = 5: a writer's tendency to insist upon something that isn't true. In reality, two plus two does not equal five. Two plus two will never equal five.
Instead of dealing with the conflict that comes with both demanding and demonizing immigrants, we bury our heads away from the reality that conflict exists.
Let's practice. If on the first date he says something like "will the children have your nose or mine?"--excuse yourself
Rationalization is how government and corporate leaders can constantly act in ways that they know are illegal or unethical. It's how McCain can justify, to himself, the type of campaign he is running.