Donald Trump infamously called the city a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess."
Rats are not well understood. New York City alone has a rat population that could range from 2 million to 32 million.
Trump's critics are having a field day over rodent reports.
An animal rescue group says the plus-size German rodent simply had too much "good food."
The frightened feline got more than it bargained for.
“Pizza Iguana,” “Taco Squirrel,” and "Bagel Pigeon” were unavailable for comment.
Chicago is "a city seemingly overrun by rodents."
"It seems to be both a self-comfort and a friendship connection."
Now she's alive, well, and snacking on Cheerios.
At parties and bars, he introduces himself as a "rat tickler." The title makes Shimpei Ishiyama sound like he belongs in