A TikTok user captured the rat as it scurried away with a doughy find and passed it to a friend on the subway tracks.
New York Mayor Eric Adams has crowned the city's “rat czar,” tasked with leading the battle against the clawed vermin.
The rodent that reportedly caused the power outage "infiltrated a piece of equipment" in the community on Friday.
"You still love that chicken from Popeyes?" the poster joked after filming the kitchen frenzy in a Washington, D.C., franchise.
The winged crusader was caught on camera downing a large rodent in seconds.
“I could hear rats running around in the walls and ceiling. It’s disgusting," one teacher said.
Leonard Shoulders was hospitalized and "traumatized," his mother said.
It's "just not fair to rats" to compare them to Republicans now attempting to escape the sinking ship of Donald Trump, the former CBS News anchor tweeted.
The hard-working rodent detects landmines in Cambodia and has cleared more than 141,000 square meters of land.
The rats' owner "really loved them" but the population "got out of hand very quickly," the San Diego Humane Society said.