rattlesnake bite

It was the second time this week the Venom Unit rushed to a rattlesnake bite. On Saturday the team saved the life of an Everglades
A small poodle-dachshund mix is recovering after she was bitten in the face by a rattlesnake in her owner's backyard. “She
In Arizona, a woman was charged $83,046 to treat a scorpion bite, according to ABC News. Anascorp, the relatively new anti
In a heroic act, Mikah stepped in between the snake and his brother, who had begun to crawl towards the snake. Despite being
CHECK OUT PHOTOS OF OTHER ANIMALS MAKING HEADLINES: "A snake will not come after you," Slyapich said. "They are not aggressive
A 7-year-old was reportedly bitten by a rattlesnake at a suburban botanical gardens on Friday. The Littleton Fire Department