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The 57-year-old former vice president vowed to "give continuity to the Cuban revolution."
Vice President Miguel Diaz-Canel -- who is, significantly, not a Castro -- is expected to succeed him.
How can Cuba reform its stagnant economy without losing what’s working?
Ramón I. Centeno, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) This article, originally published on January 23 2017, has
The Trump Administration is about to reset U.S. Cuba policy.
No tears from a former political prisoner living in the D.C. area, who served 22 years of an original 20-year sentence and
Why this waste of military resources in the middle of the crisis that the country is going through?
The law was passed in accordance with the deceased leader's wishes.
Like the kids in a Mickey Rooney/Judy Garland musical, American liberals and business interests are eager to put on a show
Although Fidel Castro turned over the daily governing of Cuba to his brother Raúl in 2008, his once-iron hand, bolstered by his diehard loyalists, continued to be felt behind the scenes. Now that Fidel is gone, that hand should be loosening its grip.
It would be wonderful, of course, if the Donald could end Cuban communism by simply speaking the word. Alas, a system that
But the real difference, the key to understanding Castro's legacy, comes from the country's politics. In 2007, at the end
Many Cubans--and not just the rich who fled Cuba in the early 1960s--were uneasy. Every so often, Cubans undertook mass efforts
If Trump rolls back the rapprochement, it could provoke the Cuban government to further close its society.
Fathom, which is a division of Carnival Corporation, is serious about their mission of impact travel. The story of Tomasito