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Another example is something called "human grade dog food." According to The Honest Kitchen, one of the pioneering human
Thousands of pets died in 2007. The pet food industry still has plenty of problems.
• While alfalfa is high in protein, proteins derived from plants don't contain all the amino acids your carnivorous dog or
BG: I fully support organic food/farming and all of my products are not only certified organic, but also certified non-GMO
In my teens, I ate wheat, gluten, sugar; basically the normal SAD (Standard American Diet). My dietary staples were breads, muffins, baked goods, hamburgers, Chinese food, spaghetti, pizza. If it was junk food -- I ate it.
Last year my husband and I decided to completely change our life and go and live in a super health-conscious commune in Costa Rica. This documents this amazing experience and gives you an insight into how a young raw food family completely changed their lifestyle.
The Promise of the Raw Food Diet Raw food supporters maintain that raw foods contain natural enzymes and a host of other
Once again I'm frustrated by the confusing terminology found on pet food labels. I frequently find pet food labels covered with meaningless words written by advertisers trying to entice you to buy their product without sharing with you their true merit.
Since the beginning of my raw journey, I have dreamed about a place where tons of healthy raw options would be flowing. Because let's face it, unless you are in a big city like LA or New York, there aren't going to be many raw restaurants around.
I have been on a serious health journey for more than three years now. Here is my story. This is going to be a shocker because
I think there is a part of Frank in all of us. His story is soulful, sad, inspiring and funny all rolled in to one amazing documentary.
To take the time and guesswork out of it, here are some definitions and questions to ask yourself in order to decide whether a raw, macrobiotic, gluten-free or plant-based diet is a healthy choice for you.
I began watching his very inspiring and zany videos day and night. After a week of watching, I got out my juicer. Then I went out and bought a boatload of produce. I began juicing and eating lots of raw food via Dan's recipes.
I recently became a raw vegan, and over the past six months I have received tons of emails from people interested in learning more about my raw vegan life.
I have been on many diets -- probably every diet ever created  -- but being raw is different. It feels like a way of life, not a means to an end.
What I eat: raw fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds (mostly organic) and a small amount of cold pressed olive oil, Bragg's vinegar and almond milk!
I didn't know it was possible to feel this good. I knew it was what the eccentric health advocate, Arnold Ehret, 100 years ago called "Paradise Health." I had it: physically and emotionally.
Going raw, to me, is mostly about using raw foods as a tool to feel great, without depriving or punishing yourself.