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He is known as "The Freakish Mimic" among his friends for his ability to imitate any voice. Are you thinking he's a superhero? He might as well be. Hank Azaria has proven time and time again to be one of greatest character actors of his time.
Family Matters doesn't get enough credit for how groundbreaking it was in subject matter. The Cosby's and The Bank's were
Michael really breaks down the emotional toll she's gone through most of her life which totally explains how she can play such diverse roles. She has a lot to work with. And we will keep watching her in everything she does because of this!
If you're a Ray Donovan fan, surely you've seen Nikola Kent kick some ass. I beat him up with crazy interview questions but I had to narrow the interview down so you'll never get to know how I asked him out, what he said, and why he will stay clear of me for the rest of his life.
You know how I can't stop talking about Kenneth Johnson's 1983 mini-series "V"? Well, that's how Christy Williams is with Star Wars - and I just LOVE it!
In a competitive category that could've deservedly gone to any of the nominees, Spacey broke through to win the award for
Stuart Woods: "I gave up outlining a long time ago. It seems to me that going by the seat of my pants is a more interesting way to write a novel. If I can't figure out what's happening, then I don't think the reader can, and that's very important to me."
In the days leading up to the Emmy Awards, gifting lounges around Los Angeles took over various hotels, enticing celebrities with the latest in electronics, beauty treatments, vacations and more.
The plot is simple. Dusty Crophopper (Dane Cook), learns his plane is damaged and he may never fly again. Out of frustration
You're probably watching (or eagerly anticipating) the same shows as everyone else right now, like "Scandal," "How I Met
Congratulations to Johnathon Schaech and wife Julie Solomon! People magazine reports that the "Ray Donovan" star is the proud
It's the top of the week, and if you're like us, a little Monday motivation is in order. Here are five things the editors
This interview continues on my website. It was a moment that actor Josh Pais has grown increasingly used to: someone coming
Is it really that hard to write a female character who is brilliant at her job but mentally sound? And if you need to make her interesting is it too much to ask that you simply write a back-story for her?
Though that headline may read like it was ripped from the script of a premium cable drama about the entertainment industry's seedy underbelly, Bryan Zuriff, an executive producer on Showtime's Hollywood fixer drama "Ray Donovan," really did plead guilty to running an illegal gambling ring with connections to the Russian mob.
"Ray Donovan" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime. The story of Zuriff's involvement in the gambling ring would not seem
Cuban-American actor Steven Bauer, known for his iconic performance as Manny in "Scarface," sat down with HuffPost Live host
Full Segment: Cuban-American actor Steven Bauer, known for his iconic performance as Manny in "Scarface," sits down with Alyona to discuss his role on the new smash hit Showtime drama "Ray Donovan."