Ray Kurzweil

We’ve got great news if you’re in love with your phone ― the technological singularity will happen sometime in the next thirty
How about a near future world where a Global Autonomous Economy, run by Ai's enable people to work less and enjoy life more
Marnie's Wish list: #1 Personal wish: I've got an 11-year-old. I just hope the world, you know, is a place she can navigate
Friends make fun of me for having a fireplace going on Netflix. And they're right, it is a bit ridiculous. But we do not deal with real things anyway, only copies.
1) Presenting transhumanism in the media in engaging ways that emphasize health, wellbeing, democracy and and the upholding
This brings to mind the whole concept of transhumanism that seemed so far into the future, beyond my comprehension, but would
It would therefore, be correct to state that aborting a human life occurs at or after 21 weeks. And for those of you who
Now we can illustrate that General Relativity (GR) is not consistent with emergence. In GR the gravitational field is essentially
Is there a certain point at which you want a trade in, rather than more body work? When you come down to it, there's not much difference between a car and a body and the new driverless cars armed with A.I. are in many ways going to be slightly more intelligent.
Once we're cyborgs, he says, we'll be funnier, sexier and more loving.
I recently had the privilege of being the opening keynote speaker at the Financial Times Camp Alphaville 2015 conference in London. Attending were nearly 1000 people, including economists, engineers, scientists, and financiers.
You connected Singularity University to my work with one simple insight: stories were the first invention. Life is pretty short in prehistoric times if the story of the lion behind the rock is not effectively communicated.
California's state of mind, as much as its magnificent landscape, has always loomed large in the global imagination. And just when many were beginning to believe that the future of the Golden State had passed it by, California is breaking new ground again on many fronts.
Machine-made consciousness remains one of the great challenges of modern science. "Ex Machina" makes us think about what that might mean.
Sounds like we should be expecting the unexpected! If that seems contradictory, let's back up a moment for a perspective view. We may assume we control our lives, that there is order to our days. Is that really true? We have our routines, our habits, but at any moment it can all be disrupted.
Within seven years -- about when the iPhone 11 is likely to be released -- the smartphones in our pockets will be as computationally intelligent as we are. It doesn't stop there, though. These devices will continue to advance, exponentially, until they exceed the combined intelligence of the human race.