Ray Kurzweil

We’ve got great news if you’re in love with your phone ― the technological singularity will happen sometime in the next thirty
There will be many companies that don't get the AI innovation thing. They will be late to the party. Still looking in the
"The velocity of learning", is evident in lessons learned creating the 'Safenight' app. In her TedXBerkley talk, we hear
Friends make fun of me for having a fireplace going on Netflix. And they're right, it is a bit ridiculous. But we do not deal with real things anyway, only copies.
But beyond those three goals, there are three other strategies that I am pursuing at full speed. 3) A third major goal of
In present time reality, we really do have some amazing technological and medical advancements. If you go onto the internet
What is life? The true answer is we don't know. But can we get to a more sophisticated and clearer understanding? The test
It has been contended that since something cannot come out of nothing, emergence therefore requires that all emerging properties
Is there a certain point at which you want a trade in, rather than more body work? When you come down to it, there's not much difference between a car and a body and the new driverless cars armed with A.I. are in many ways going to be slightly more intelligent.