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"I’m going to continue fighting for that funding, which is absolutely essential to northeast transportation," said Sen. Richard
In an auditorium inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on a mid-April day in 2009, President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unveiled an ambitious plan to revamp America's rail infrastructure.
Going forward, those private-public partnerships will be integral to ensuring that rail infrastructure continues to be modernized
LaHood offered a few political observations as well, arguing that members of Congress needed to understand the risks they
LaHood's remarks lift the curtain ever so slightly on the security precautions rail operators currently take. A manifest
-- Rick Scott "acknowledge[s]" that "he's still in campaign mode," whatever that means. Scott's latest trick, of course, is
The meeting, which will take place on Capitol Hill and involve both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, will revolve around