ray mcdonald

The charges end months of speculation and provide vindication for the victim who McDonald had sued for defamation.
Seeking a protective order or filing a police report can even increase the level of danger for a victim. It is important to remember, when dealing with domestic violence, every situation is unique.
The NFL is in a downward spiral, heading towards complete chaos, thanks to the behavior of many of its players, Ray McDonald included. The Chicago Bears decided to make a statement.
To be sure, many men who hit or emotionally abuse their partners were themselves abused as kids, but many men have also risen above their brutal childhoods and broken that cycle. Being abused doesn't automatically make you an abuser.
While we (or I guess I should hope most of us) are not advocates of violence, including domestic violence, no changes to punishment of the league's players or re-defining policies will actually cause us to stop watching. The NFL and Rodger Goodell know that.
Goodell's challenge, like Giamatti's, is to protect his league while also protecting the sacred trust of his fans. Thus far, he has not shown he's been able to do that.
The so-called "presumption of innocence" isn't what's in play here. An arrest is in play here. A horrific accusation is in play here. The NFL's standard of conduct and behavior is in play here.