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The NFL could potentially offset how structural bias impacts the treatment of black and white players by perhaps getting their own investigators to these scenes alongside the police to conduct independent inquiries at the ground level. But even if such an effort was possible, there is no guarantee the NFL investigators would be any less biased than the local police departments.
Stephen A. Smith didn’t change his tune on Hardy until Deadspin’s report. That’s wrong.
Employers are in a unique position to address issues of violence and put policies in place to protect their workers both within and outside the workplace.
Any decent HR consultant would tell you there are many candidates who interview and present well, but end up being poor employees, and Ray McDonald is no exception.
Domestic violence is a pervasive, complicated public health issue that requires an equally pervasive and multi-layered response.
The NFL missed the mark in many, many ways. But that doesn't mean they can't rectify those mistakes as they gear up for a new season. Moreover, the NFL inadvertently launched a national dialogue around domestic violence -- a dialogue that we all need to continue.
The perpetuation of the Super Bowl myth has potentially harmful consequences. By making the domestic violence about the date on the calendar rather than the reprehensible act itself, the game becomes yet one more excuse in the arsenal of apologies for domestic violence.