ray rice suspension

"Ray Rice is a free agent and has been eligible to be signed by an NFL team since he was released by the Ravens. Based on
Obviously, the inconsistency in the League's response to certain violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy is becoming a serious issue.
I was shocked to read, was the following excerpt of Dr. Boyce Watkins's open letter to Janay Rice in which he calls women who stay with their abusers in order to keep their families intact "heroes."
These are our sisters, our mothers, our daughters and our friends. These are real women who deserve to feel safe in their own homes. Let us all take on the important task of teaching our brothers, our fathers and especially our sons that violence is never a part of any solution.
Mike Florio, NBC Sports: "One such former WilmerHale employee is, coincidentally, Ravens president Dick Cass, who joined
If assault and battery is to be regarded as a crime, then punishment must be universal.
"Based on this new information, I have concluded that the discipline imposed upon you in July was insufficient under all
McDonough did not comment on how the NFL was handling the matter but said: "I think we all know that Ray Rice being suspended
I know Ray Rice and I know Janay extremely well because I spent four years in Baltimore, and I covered the Ravens and I actually
Brown, who is now a speaker for domestic violence prevention, drew parallels between Janay Rice’s domestic abuse and the
Rice was suspended indefinitely and cut by the Baltimore Ravens this week when the video became public. But The Associated
It is my hope that the public outcry, tremendous media attention and discussions will not fade once the spotlights are turned off, but will lead to greater public awareness and prevention to proactively address domestic violence.
ESPN's Mike Golic, co-host of the wildly popular "Mike and Mike" radio show, stopped by HuffPost Live on Wednesday to talk
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Moses had an anger problem. Actually, his anger got him into trouble on more than one occasion. No, not for hitting a woman; we have no record of him ever doing so, but for allowing his anger to turn into murder on one occasion and disobedience to God on another.
Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. told reporters on Tuesday that the NFL should've stuck to the initial two-game ban that was announced
The NFL's choice to continue its affiliation with Rice for so long is a validation of his abusive actions, an attempt to sweep the abuse under the carpet. The NFL, collectively, has acted in the same fashion that abusers do.
Can you believe in women's rights and enjoy football? Can you be angry about Ray Rice and the NFL's inadequate handling of him but still feel okay about watching the game? The answer, to both, is no.
"I have a hard time imagining Roger Goodell falling because of this incident," Waldron told host Alyona Minkovski. "He still