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Tensing is affected, as we all are, by a political culture that supports this kind of self-absorption. I do not want to demonize
Body-camera video showed the officer shoot DuBose after pulling him over for a missing license plate.
There was more outrage over the senseless killing of the lion Cecil in Zimbabwe than law enforcement's latest senseless killing of an African-American.
Political action is being taken to preserve the lives and punish the killers of African lions one month after Cecil's death while nothing is in place to preserve the lives of African-Americans after nearly five centuries of countless Black lives have been taken in far more brutal ways.
Police officers aren't the only people who lie about crimes. That's not the point. The police are supposed to uphold the law. Criminals are supposed be the ones who break it. We should be able to tell the difference between them.
Predictably it took almost no time for ex-University of Cincinnati Cop Ray Tensing who is charged with the murder of unarmed motorist Samuel Dubose to make his $1 million bail. This is the first danger sign that convicting Tensing of Dubose's murder is far from a slam dunk.
This shooting speaks of the character of the officer because what kind of officer would shoot and kill an unarmed human, then lie about it, while all the time KNOWING that the whole thing was on tape because he was wearing a body camera?
One of the officers says "yes" to the question of whether he saw Tensing dragged.
The union's executive director says Tensing "hasn't been convicted of anything."
As a child, I was taught that God was and is love. When I watched white police officers and firefighters spraying black people with fire hoses and setting vicious dogs on them, I can remember my mother saying, without batting an eye, "We are to forgive them, Susan."
Some were quick to condemn the officer. Others, not so much.
The cop's lawyer says his client feared for his life.
Officer Ray Tensing's body camera captured the moment he shot and killed 43-year-old Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop
CINCINNATI (AP) — A University of Cincinnati police officer who shot a motorist during a traffic stop over a missing front