Raymond Arroyo

"If you want to know what Trump campaign staffers think about you, just watch Fox News," Michael Steele said.
Raymond Arroyo said the $399 shoes are a way for Trump to connect with Black voters because "they love sneakers."
Ingraham was forced to admit she botched this one big-time.
Raymond Arroyo warned how the "Beetlejuice" theater scandal may hit the firebrand Republican.
Ruh-roh! A Fox News contributor’s tantrum over “Scooby-Doo’s” queer character took a gross turn.
“It almost appears they’ve launched a series of new reality shows. You could call this one ‘Are You Sicker Than A CNN Anchor?’”
The Fox New host laughs while filming in the cemetery at Normandy with the graves of WWII heroes behind her.
The Fox News host played a clip of YG's anti-Trump song that featured the late rapper.