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Billie's Movember campaign aims to destigmatize the "taboo" and totally normal spot women grow hair.
When my Evahs razor arrived in the mail, I was instantly impressed by the packaging--a matte textured black surface with
It's no secret that we spend a lot of time indoors. This generation of kids grew up with technology in their hands, and sometimes
This video will save you so much money.
The best thing about a Razor & Guido production was that they could take almost any artist and morph them into a dance floor
Style & Beauty
No matter which side of the body-hair debate you fall on, there is one fact that stands: Many women in the world choose to
Style & Beauty
On that note, you should try to switch out your blade often -- after three to 10 shaves -- or when you notice it's looking
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Reuse is one of the basic tenants of being Ecofabulous, but when life paves your road with stubble, you may need to shave