Anyone who shaves knows buying and replacing razor blades can be expensive. Dollar Shave Club provides a monthly razor blade subscription service that claims to make shaving less of a burden on your wallet, but does the "club" really save you money?
This soon-to-be-sheared appendage sure looks about as hairless as a baby bird before the model goes at it with the razor
"Mad Men" might be over, but that doesn't mean Don Draper's well-kept look has to be gone, too. The ad executive's slicked
Leila Kashani, founder and creator of Sphynx Razor, said in her Kickstarter video that "there are three components you need
Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin explains how finding great talent is the key to growing his business. Aol's BeOn
Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin discusses how he uses fun language to deliver facts about his products. Aol's BeOn
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It is no hidden secret that innovation is a necessity to compete in today's marketplace. Often hailed as the Holy Grail for which every organization should strive for, sustainable innovation requires a strategy from start to finish.
Reuse is one of the basic tenants of being Ecofabulous, but when life paves your road with stubble, you may need to shave
For $1 to $9 a month, the Dollar Rubber Club will deliver three, six, or nine condoms to your doorstep. The Dollar Shave
Even guys who don't shave might want to take up the habit when the club's founder Michael Dubin takes them on a now-viral
In December, customers at a Georgia Walmart found hypodermic needles hidden in clothes on separate occasions. For more on
As the razor evolves steadily into a luxury product that requires men and women to spend hundreds of dollars each year on
Here at I'm With Stupid, we've long adhered to a theory that might seem counterintuitive to most of you, and that is this: men are better shoppers than women.