Abbott chose not to sit in a group with men and women like himself. He chose not to hear their fear of subway crowds, of
“If you give someone a fair chance, and some mentorship, they can forge a way for themselves and turn the stars around.”
The organization, founded by Grant and his wife Lynn, helps protect innocent spouses and children affected by the prison
The global economy needs intelligent, capable women. Their work and life experiences are invaluable to companies. So why does getting back to work have to be so damn hard?
Conversations around criminalization of LGBTQ people should neither be framed nor read as an isolated, additional or competing narrative, but rather situated in a broader systemic understanding of policing and punishment of gender and sexuality.
The mayor's election is officially non-partisan, but Hayward is a Republican and can sound like the pro-business CEO he was: "We are a first class city that will compete regionally, nationally, and internationally for jobs, investment, and talent," he says, explaining that he sees his constituents as shareholders in the future of his city. Move over Donald Trump!
As Congress and the nation are increasingly focused on the need for systemic reform, the Coalition and its partners, on both sides of the political spectrum, believe we are on the cusp of meaningful change, through fair sentencing and fair chances.
These are things you don't really take time to consider before returning home. You're too excited at the idea of seeing your much loved and much missed friends and family.
And it should surprise no one that we have a similar challenge today when our government approved psychotropic drugs for
In a few short days, droves of people busting at the seams (mostly from a few too many sugar cookies) will be trying to shift and shimmy into airline seats fit for a 10-year-old child. Singles, couples and families will jet across this vast country for joyous holiday feasts and festivities. But mixed in amongst these "home for the holiday" travelers is a completely different breed of traveler: the expat.
Third, the Government of Jamaica should support deported nationals in the establishment and initial funding of the organization