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The startup touts their audio blinks as another solution for an age in which reading is on the decline, citing the average
If you're struck by wanderlust but are short a few vacation days this summer, reading can transport you anywhere: the west
"I'm always hoping we help a brand transition to the next generation of users," says Josh Koppel, co-founder of ScrollMotion
"We're using the brain as glasses," said Uri Polat of Tel Aviv University and co-founder of Ucansi in an interview with the
There has been much talk about the decline, and some say inevitable death, of the publishing industry as we know it today
The extremely low-energy and low-cost displays are going to be used in eReaders and in tablets. I got hold of a working prototype
Andrew Wylie isn't the only agent moving into publishing e-books. Now Seattle-based agent Sharlene Martin, has also become
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