reading habits

Nothing can replace the heftiness of a book. 📚
Underline Books are precious, sacred objects. Nothing depresses us more than opening a used book we’ve purchased and seeing
Wouldn't you rather be climbing Mt. Everest or fighting off a rogue wave or falling in love with a time traveler? And what better to beat rush hour traffic than a great audio book?
Some people feel obligated to finish reading every book they start. Once they pick up a book, even if it's hundreds of pages long and makes them want to scream with boredom, they will reach that last page if it kills them. I am not one of those people.
Several years ago a student told me that she regarded all assigned reading as "recommended," even if the professors labeled it "required." Were professors so dumb that they didn't know that?
I'd like to applaud the makers of ereaders for collecting some of the first usable readership data in the history of publishing. If they want to know how quickly I tore through the new Christopher Buckley novel, or that I never finished War and Peace, so be it.
However, 19% of respondents aged 16 and over said that they hadn't read a single book in any format, over the previous 12
Over the thirty years of my publishing career, I've learned that book snobs come in all shapes and sizes. And their snobbery often seems more about them than the genre they've picked for their disdain.