Reading Rainbow

"Levar? You think when the cow says 'Moo,' he's really saying, 'Mooon'?"
Turns out he might have been the wrong person to ask for a reboot this whole time.
For Burton, more significant than the show's longevity are the number of adults who credit Reading Rainbow with imparting
MINTY MEETS HER MASSA is a satire on the sanitization of American history in textbooks. PLEASE WATCH UNTIL THE END TO FULLY
Everyone's favorite childhood program, Reading Rainbow, has released a Martin Luther King video just in time for the civil
The rapid rise of the campaign led to a very ambitious stretch goal: $5 million. Even the beloved children's show has had
Burton is rounding up the old Enterprise crew for a series of live readings in Los Angeles and New York City in order to
The "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter reached it's one million dollar goal on its FIRST DAY! For more What's Trending original
Burton's recollection of being bolstered by Butler's black heroes echoes previous comments about his commitment to promoting
Burton, who's raised over $3 million in donations for the online revival of his literacy program let slip that the children's
As expected, the “Star Trek” and “Roots” star has responded to the daily newspaper’s claims during an interview with Think
Never underestimate the power of nostalgia: children’s television classic Reading Rainbow, fueled largely by massive amounts
Bringing "Reading Rainbow" back might not be a good thing after all. LeVar Burton's Kickstarter campaign to revive his beloved
As of yesterday, "Reading Rainbow" has doubled its Kickstarter goal and has reached 2 million dollars, and the campaign still has over a month remaining for people to contribute.
Check out Levar Burton's awesome reaction! The campaign, which launched today, is hoping to raise funds in order to offer