Reading Rainbow

"Levar? You think when the cow says 'Moo,' he's really saying, 'Mooon'?"
Turns out he might have been the wrong person to ask for a reboot this whole time.
For Burton, more significant than the show's longevity are the number of adults who credit Reading Rainbow with imparting
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Story time just got so much better. The beloved children's reading series returned from a several year hiatus thanks to a
This video definitely deserves a Retweet. Levar Burton already surpassed the Kickstarter goals for his "Reading Rainbow" app
Butterfly in the sky. Reading Rainbow's Kickstarter enabled return has been the big crowdfunding story for the past month
Burton is rounding up the old Enterprise crew for a series of live readings in Los Angeles and New York City in order to
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In describing Butler's importance to him, Burton noted that seeing her depictions of black characters in sci-fi settings